Wednesday, 28 November 2007

My new Moomins mug

This is the one that I wanted to get for Arran but they didn't have it at the show.This is the one I have got for myself - £13.50 - for a mug! But I have wanted it every year that we have visited the Finish Christmas Fair, so this year I got it and last night I had hot chocolate in it at the studio. YUM.I think this one is rather sweet too, but as I don't know the Moomin stories or characters, I have no idea if he is a nice kangaroo or a naughty kangaroo.

Pretty things from Shelf

Now... if you were here we would go for a visit to Shelf to get a few Christmas presents, so as you are not, then here are some cuter than cute things for you see that they have in this year from a Japanese designer called Shinzi Katoh. I most especially like the mug, and now that I have a Moonins mug, perhaps I can have this one too and a nice tray to put them on? Maybe you would like the tray too?

Tea Shop, tea cosies and a bambi.

Oh yes, you must have a row of teapots like these beauties. Imagine how good the tea shop could be! This is a selection of goodies from Couverture. So pretty.

I want this life

I wasn't sure if you had seen this advert before you went... Oh, I want it so badly - look at the sweet blue tits doing the rubbish, the hedgehogs tidying up and the robin at the end .... hello my little friend!

Monday, 12 November 2007

Peg Angel Fairy dolly

Well, yes, she is very much like the Peg Project dollies. almost identical in fact! but this one has lace wings and a hanging hoop. errm and very pink legs, ballerina tights?

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Oooh yes, I really want one

Hmm, so I can't promise that I'm not just going to put loads and loads of maladjusted and sickeningly cute animals on here. I really like them. This is the dog I would like in my bike basket. 'Come on Wolfie'. 'No Wolfie, put the kitten down'. Oooh just imagine x x x
This was the highlight of the week from Metro.