Friday, 18 April 2008

Birthday Cakes of 2006

It was the year of the 'special' cakes. They were BRILLIANT fun! So much sickness from icing and sweeties. The anticipation of not knowing what extra special surprise cake you were going to get was too much for the brain box to cope with!
February 2006
Arran's birthday synthesizer made by Lucy
The first of the series definitely set the standard very high.

April 2006
Lucy's Bird cake made by Helen and Arran
Such a beautiful (and tasty) little treat.

May 2006
Helen's Skull and Cross Bones Rock On cake made by Katy and Mark.
I still find it hard to believe that one cake could contain so many eggs. We used 18 large ones in total.

September 2006
Katy's Kiki and Kokos picnic cake made by Mark, Arran, Helen and Lucy
What a work of art. It drove me CRAZY not knowing what magic you were creating in the kitchen all day long. But there was no way I was even close to imagining just how much love was being cooked up. The detail was incredible...hummus and carrot sticks, roast chicken, fresh strawberries, a full tea set and sandwiches with jam inside. AMAZING!

September 2006
Marks Lionel the Lobster cake made by Katy, Lucy, Helen and Arran
He was so realistic Mark mistook him for a real lobster!

2007 - The year of the tray bake
2008 - The year of the Nigella cake?
I'm already salivating at the possibilities this year will bring. It'll be lovely to have a traditional shaped cake full of delicious flavours. Mmm.

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Lucy Jane Batchelor said...

oh, thank you so much for completing the set and adding in some nice extra words about them. I get a very nice satisfied feeling looking at them all. They are brilliant!
Do you have any ideas of which cakes you will have from Nigella? I tried the Maderia cake at the weekend, it was very, very, very good, moist and tasty, but maybe a little too plain for a birthday cake - you might have to just make that one for an everyday cake!