Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Cakey Cakey

Flowers and cake from Arran! Oh my goodness, that cake is rich (page 172 of How to be a Domestic Goddess) Did you look at the recipe? It is made only from fat and sugar: six eggs, a massive jar of Nutella, some nuts, a bar of chocolate, sugar and butter. And the topping... another bar of chocolate and some double cream. That is not a cake, it is a heart attack.
Proceed with caution if you make this cake. I had this TINY slice and got stuck halfway through- it is like eating velvet. Arran ate the same amount and turned green from the sugar and chocolate rush. Have we ever been beaten by a cake before? Do you remember when you ate so many sweets and cakes and bad things that you got tummy ache and you rolled around on the bed doubled in two? He he he he.
This is the best card so far. Following on the pretty birthdayish theme; Kates Jude drew a police station, police car and police man in the rain for me.
And, as you didn't get to see us on any webcams at the weekend, here is a rare photo of me too. (before cake, so I just look tired and not almost passing out!). Do you feel like you came to tea now?

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Katy Walker said...

Ooh, what lovely birthday treats you had. The cake looks delicious. I love the way that Arran let the chocolate dribble around the top and edges. Mmmm! and describing it as having velvety texture has made my mouth water. Oooh, I could scoff it all right down (and then worry about the inevitable tummy ache later).
I did have a look at the recipe and was shocked to see that it contained 6 eggs!! Blimey. But I suppose it's nothing compared to the 18 we used in Nips 'Rock On' cake.

So, what is the new catergory for birthday cakes this year? Is it similar to the tray bake concept but in cake form? Going for delicious, tasty goodness over novelty. I need rules please!! :)

Judes card is brilliant! How did he know that policemen in the rain were your favourite kinds of birthday cards? He has a very clever bonce.

And can you please explain to me all about the little goodies that you have next to your slice of cake. Are they pressies too?
From here it looks like a lovely leather key ring with a pretty debossed illustration of a bird, on top of a very special note book and an on looking (knitted) slice of chocolate spring roll.

The biggest treat of all for me is your photie. I am very pleased to see your smiley birthday face in your new house. You look lovely. I like your outfit very much.

x x x